Why choose a standing seam copper roof?

Why choose a standing seam copper roof?

With proper architectural designing and correct installation, copper roofs can provide homeowners with a long-standing and safe roofing solution. In various places, there have been instances of standing seam copper roof installations, which have lasted for years at a stretch. Copper has low maintenance requirements and there is no need to pain them as well. Copper is very malleable, and can be used over uneven roof surfaces easily, thus helping in case of domed roofs. Standing seam copper roof panels are also lightweight and can be easily made and installed.

Why choose a standing seam copper roof?

Forming and installing copper roofs

After a detailed plan has been made by your architect, a copper roof can be installed very easily. A roll of copper sheet is fed into a shearing and forming machine that forms the panels either on-site or beforehand. The exact measurements and shaping has to be done by hand, but this is an easy task for builders.

The standing seam edges are also formed by the mobile machinery systems, which crimps metal into rigid panels. This can be locked with interlocking seams. The base of the roof is installed on the supporting decks, using stainless steel cleats, which are strong enough to support the structure. The rest of the standing seam copper roof panels can then be attached with each other.

Advantages of standing seam copper roof

Copper roof panels have a great number of advantages and form a good solution for your roofing concerns. Copper will help in keeping the rooms warm in winters. These panels also do not allow the snow to stick on to it. The standing seams also prevent snow from accumulating over them. The standing seam copper roof cost is also very low and it also does not require painting and other finishing methods. After a year or two, the natural weathering and reactions of copper gives the roof an elegant green color.

Why choose a standing seam copper roof?

Longevity and suitability of copper panels

A standing seam copper roof can last even up to 50 years. Copper roof advantages also include a great pitch suitability ratio of 3:12, which makes it suitable even for roofs with a very low slope, as well as steep roofs. The high malleability of copper helps in installation over uneven and curved roof surfaces, such as domes which need to be roofed.

Low costs incurred by the homeowner while installation

Copper roof panels are very easy to install, given that they are lightweight and easy to manage. Transportation of copper roof panels is also easy, because they can be carried in bulk at once. You can transport a large number of panels of standing seam copper roof in one drive, to and from the shop. Also, as a reiteration, it can be said that copper does not require extensive finishing techniques, which saves the cost required for painting and varnishing the rooftop. The natural brown color of copper itself looks stunning on the roof.

Why choose a standing seam copper roof?


Apart from copper roof advantages, there are a number of disadvantages of copper roofing: mainly its superior conductivity. Copper conducts heat and electricity very easily, which makes it a hazardous material if not handled carefully. The standing seam copper roof cost being low, the panels are not always of top quality, and you may fall short of required parameters.

Thus, pay close attention to the information regarding this type of roof installations, if you want to get the most out of it.